Community Science at the Salton Sea

Learn how we are conducting water and air quality monitoring research on the Salton Sea.

"How Did We Get Here?"

Comic book looks at local history and current events with attention to racial inequality

Why the Salton Sea matters

Any plans to save the Salton Sea can’t ignore the needs of the people.

Parents organize for better schools

Research shows how parents are leading the call for a more positive school climate.

Young leaders in the YO-C

A case study looks at the positive outcomes and greater potential for Alianza’s Youth Organizing Council.

Our COVID response

Alianza has helped get food, testing, protective gear and $2.3 million
in cash assistance to Coachella Valley residents.

Alianza’s mission is to transform the socio-economic conditions of the Coachella Valley so that people in all communities have opportunities to prosper.We envision one vibrant, healthy, and thriving Coachella Valley where people have a seat at the table for decisions that affect their daily lives.