Marisa Aceves


Executive Assistant

After migrating to the U.S. from Mexico, Nilda’s family lived in Thermal for a few years before moving to Coachella where she grew up and went on to graduate from Coachella Valley High School. Nilda has always had an interest in conservation biology and the environmental sciences, particularly with how environmental science ties in with environmental justice and public health. Her interests led her to attend the University of California, Berkeley where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Conservation and Resource Studies and a minor in Math and Science Education. Prior to her current role, Nilda led Alianza’s environmental justice efforts as a campaign coordinator.

Before joining Alianza, Nilda interned with the Office of Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia where she assisted constituents, attended events related to climate resilience, and pursued a project on proposed legislation. While at Berkeley, she assisted and taught in elementary, middle and high schools through a teaching credential program. She also worked at the Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley as Community Co-manager where she organized and facilitated circles and coordinated events with clients, which included student organizations and other organizations not affiliated with UC Berkeley. Upon returning to the Coachella Valley after graduation, she worked at Lift to Rise as Program Coordinator, reviewing and submitting rental assistance applications for final review, and providing feedback to improve the rental assistance program. Nilda continues to pursue her passion for environmental science and justice, and to push for community needs to be reflected in Coachella Valley environmental justice projects and policy.