Diana Ramirez


Program Manager

Diana grew up in the city of Coachella and is a graduate from UC Berkeley’s Class of 2020 where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Integrative Biology. Being a first-generation college student and the first in her family to attend college, Diana looked for opportunities to develop her network and leadership skills. During summers while still a college student, Diana interned through the Health Career Connection Internship at various sites in the Coachella Valley including Safehouse of the Desert, Youth Leadership Institute, and the Office of Congressman Dr. Ruiz. 

While at Berkeley, Diana became involved with restorative justice programs and worked with college students from diverse backgrounds. Her determination to help diverse communities led her to Alianza where she now leads civic engagement work with youth from Desert Mirage High School and Coachella Valley High School. Diana intends to create an open and safe space for youth to express their ideas and feelings. Her aspiration is to serve as a mentor for the youth and be a leader in the Coachella Valley.