A group of young filmmakers who live near the Salton Sea are raising awareness about the environmental and public health crisis they and thousands of others live around every day.

Sahara Huazano was born and raised in Mecca, just a few miles from the Salton Sea.

“My family, my brothers suffer from asthma and for us, our concern is that if the lake shrinks, which it is, and if there’s not enough projects to mitigate the dust then it’s going to affect my family where they’re not going to be healthy,” Huazano said.

Huazano says it’s one reason she’s become part of the solution, through her work with Alianza Coachella Valley.

“We’re trying to work with the state under the Salton Sea management plan to make sure that ten-year plan will speak to public needs in the Coachella Valley,” Huazano said.

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