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Riverside County will adopt new environmental justice and housing components for its General Plan later this year, and Alianza and partners are working to make sure they include the community’s priorities around public participation, clean air, and fair housing.

The General Plan is the blueprint that guides county decisions on policies and programs, including how money is spent. If Riverside County is going to make long-term commitments to improving the health and well-being of East Coachella Valley residents, then it’s important for the plan to include efforts to improve the local environment and available housing.

We want to see more diverse and equitable housing alternatives, increased homeownership and educational opportunities, community plans for the underserved East Valley co-developed with community members, and a new Housing Element Advisory Committee with a majority of members coming from the most impacted communities.

The county began hosting a series of virtual community meetings in January to gather input on the General Plan. Alianza and its collaborative partners are working to encourage resident participation and asking the county to take further steps to guarantee the community is heard, such as by making sure meetings are held at times most convenient for residents.

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What’s Environmental Justice? It is the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and incomes with respect to the development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies

Air monitor survey

The General Plan, the Salton Sea, and air quality are the broad focus areas of Alianza’s Environmental Justice Campaign.

Right now, Alianza and partners are asking East Coachella Valley residents for their suggestions on where the South Coast Air Quality Management District should place new air quality monitors. If you live in the east valley, you are invited to fill out the short survey by Wednesday, Feb. 17.

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