vaccine event

Special Projects Manager Joel Hernandez talks to residents during a vaccine and testing event in Thermal.

Today Alianza is sharing the extent of our pandemic outreach and relief work, which began early with emergency food distributions in the rural Eastern Coachella Valley and has been ongoing now for a year and half with PPE handouts, testing and education, and over $2.3 million in direct cash assistance.

This work was possible thanks to generous donations of money and supplies, and strong partners like FIND Food Bank, Mechanics Banks, and the Desert Healthcare District and Foundation.

Since the start of the pandemic, Alianza has …

Delivered 4,866 boxes of food and produce to East Coachella Valley households.

Made 44,609 phone calls letting people know about testing and vaccine opportunities as well as sharing information about COVID safety and worker rights.

Distributed 146,000 pairs of gloves, 128,000 masks, 3,000 face shields, and 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer. Thanks to the Windward Foundation and Sierra Health Foundation for donations toward this effort.

Directed $2,337,250 in cash assistance to 2,353 individuals for rent, funeral expenses and other needs caused by the pandemic. This was a combination of relief efforts funded through the Immigrant Resilience Fund, the city of Coachella, and the Desert Healthcare District.

Alianza’s staff was touched by the many stories of strength and spirit coming from Coachella Valley residents receiving this cash assistance. Here are some of those residents in their own words.

“We needed to pay for our electricity bill so we could have our AC running. It was definitely needed during these moments.” — Erika from Indio

“I was laid off in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was able to pay part of my rent bill with the assistance I received.” — Sergio from Coachella

“I am very grateful for the assistance received. I was able to pay for my electricity bill, especially since in the summer it comes a bit higher than normal.” — Guadalupe from Thermal

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