Karina Lizeth Andalon


Youth Program Manager

Karina Andalon, a resident of Coachella, is a graduate of Desert Mirage High School. She went on to complete two years at College of the Desert where she earned an associate degree in psychology and political science. She continued her education at the University of California, Riverside where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy. As the Youth Organizing Council coordinator, Karina wants youth to feel comfortable expressing their voices and not be afraid of being unapologetic leaders. She enjoys seeing youth in action and often reflects on how many of them do not share the same interests or go to the same high schools, but they still respect, uplift, and represent one another.

Before joining Alianza as a staff member, Karina was a member of YO-C where she gained confidence, leadership, and advocacy skills to enhance her work in the community. She also worked with Lideres Campesinas as the state-level youth groups coordinator. Karina loves her five pet “doggies.” She is also always open to long hours of conspiracy theory chats.