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Mental Health Resource Guide

Why We Created This Guide
This mental health resource guide was created in May 2021 to highlight the different non-profits and clinics in the Coachella Valley offering mental health services to people of all ages and backgrounds. The COVID pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health differently and mental health services will be more crucial than ever as people come out of lockdown and reintegrate into society. The information presented is based on current website information and interviews or questionnaires with representatives of each clinic conducted by Alianza’s Youth Organizing Council (YO-C!)

If you know of information that should be added or updated in this guide, please let us know.

These clinics are highlighted:

Borrego Health Clinic: Centro Medico Coachella (Thermal)

The LGBTQ Community Center (Palm Springs)

Clínicas de Salud del Pueblo (Cochella & Mecca)

Oasis’ Coachella Center (Coachella)

Riverside Latino Commission

Riverside University Health Services (Indio)

SafeHouse of the Desert (Thousand Palms)

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Borrego Health

Borrego Health is a non-profit organization that offers healthcare services to various communities including the Eastern Coachella Valley. Borrego Health’s Centro Medico Coachella offers healthcare services including mental health services. Services are for all ages regardless of ability to pay. Most insurances are accepted and there is a sliding scale option for the uninsured or underinsured.

Services are also available in Spanish.

The following Borrego Health clinics offer mental health services in addition to Centro Medico Coachella: Centro Medico Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs Community Health Center, Centro Medico El Cajon, Centro Medico Escondido, Anza Medical Clinic, Arlanza Family Health Center, Borrego Medical Clinic, and Eastside Health Center.

Centro Medico Coachella
55497 Van Buren Street
Thermal, CA 92274

Phone: (760) 399-4526
Office Hours: M-F 7-11 AM, 12-4 PM
Website: www.borregohealth.org/behavioral-health 

Mental Health Services Offered

Behavioral Health Programs & Services

  • Adult treatment
  • Child and adolescent services
  • Well Child
  • Telemedicine services
  • Resources for Adjunctive Therapy (i.e. AA, NA, CODA)
  • Services for members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Women’s Health

Cognitive Treatment

  • Outpatient services
  • Adult & older adult services
  • Support and ongoing services

Behavioral Health Conditions Treated

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Behavior disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
  • Pediatric Behavioral Health
  • Schizophrenia


Are services offered in Spanish or another language?
Services are offered in English and Spanish.

How are you managing operations with COVID?
All Borrego Health patients, visitors, and staff are required to wear face masks when entering any of the clinics. 

The LGBTQ Community Center of The Desert

The Center is a non-profit community center run by and for LGBTQ people of all ages in Eastern Riverside County. The Center offers services in individual therapy, family counseling, couples and throuples counseling, support groups and therapy groups. The Center Coachella, opening summer 2021, will serve the Eastern Coachella Valley including Mecca and Thermal. 

The Center does not do crisis intervention for suicidal or substance abuse cases. If this is the case, the client will be referred to other resources.

The Center Palm Springs
The McDonald/Wright Building
1301 North Palm Canyon Dr, 3rd Floor
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone: (760) 416-7790 
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Email: info@thecentercv.org
Website: https://www.thecenterps.org/

Mental Health Services Offered:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples and Throuples Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Trans and Gender Identity Counseling
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Late Life Depression (Up to 25 free therapy sessions for those 60 and older who qualify)
  • Healing Circles: Helping restore body, mind, soul and relationships from racial injustice
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Tools for Managing Emotions During a Pandemic 
  • Sessions on Social Caring in the Face of Quarantine
  • Long-Term Survivors Therapy Group – HIV
  • Bereavement Therapy Group
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group


Do I need insurance for services? What is the cost?
The Center accepts insurance and offers a sliding scale for those without insurance. The sliding scale is from $5-75 per hour. The services are free for individuals ages 60 and older, individuals that don’t have income, and individuals in living facilities.

Are services offered to undocumented folks?
Yes. Therapists are trained to attend to diverse populations.

Are appointments and walk-ins accepted?
No walk-ins. When a client seeks services, they fill out an assessment form to assess what service is best for them. If you’d like to see a therapist, call the office, but be ready to be placed on a waitlist as there is high need. 

Are services offered in Spanish or another language?
No. All services are offered in English at The Center Palm Springs. The Center Coachella, opening summer 2021, is likely to have bilingual staff in Spanish and English. 

Is transportation provided to patients in need? If yes, is it free?
Yes, transportation may be provided. The Center has a partnership with SunLine Bus transportation. They would meet elderly clients in their shuttles for transportation.

Can someone receive services without their parents or family members knowing?
The Center will see someone that is 12 years or older if it is a life-threatening situation to make sure that they are safe. Clients 18 and older are free to choose what they want to do.

What can someone expect from a therapy session?
Therapy sessions are 50 minutes to 1 hour every week. The goal of sessions is for the individual to get better and see progress. Eventually, sessions would be once a month. 

How are you managing operations with COVID?
Operations are all virtual and online.

Are students welcomed to volunteer or intern?
The Center Palm Springs does not offer these opportunities. The new location of The Center Coachella will need volunteers and interns when it opens.

Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo

Clínicas de Salud del Pueblo is a private, non-profit organization providing an array of comprehensive primary care services to residents throughout Imperial and Riverside counties. CDSDP offers medical, dental, and behavioral health services. CDSDP was created to help low-income communities and will try to provide its services to everyone. There are CDSDP clinics in Coachella, Mecca, West Shores, Blythe, Brawley, Calexico, El Centro, Hemet, Niland, and Winterhaven. All clinics offer behavioral health services except for the clinic in Hemet.  

CDSDP is not a crisis center. For emergency therapy, CDSDP will provide other resources while you wait for an appointment slot. 

Coachella Health Clinic
50249 Cesar Chavez Street, Unit K
Coachella, CA 92236
Phone: (760) 393-0555
Office Hours: M-F 7 am-6 pm

Mecca Health Clinic 
91275 66th Avenue, Suite 500
Mecca, CA 92254
Phone: (760) 396-1249
Office Hours: Tu-F 7 am-6 pm

Website: www.cdsdp.org/ 

Mental Health Services Offered

Behavioral Health

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Provide short-term, structured, evidence-based psychotherapy, and counseling as part of a treatment plan
  • Coping skills
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Refer to psychiatric services

Psychiatric Services

  • Initial psychiatric evaluation and need for psychiatric medication
  • On-going medication management and monitoring of cardio-metabolic risk factors
  • Consultation with primary care and clinic staff
  • Flexible schedule and dosing
  • Substance Abuse Care Managers will provide ongoing support to patients needing assistance with social services, as well as linkage to community resources and follow-up care

Case Management

  • Transportation resources/services
  • Refer to county and state resources
  • Low cost and emergency housing
  • Food insecurity
  • Job search and resume writing
  • Coordinate care of patients needing behavioral health and/or psychiatric services
  • Education programs
  • Health insurance


Do I need insurance for services? What is the cost?
CDSDP takes all types of insurance and has a sliding scale and payment plan for those that don’t have insurance. If the patient is on a sliding scale, the minimum to pay is $35. The clinic also offers to connect uninsured people to insurance to have some coverage. Most patients have Medi-Cal which covers mental health services.

On a normal year without COVID, funds from the Flying Doctors event help cover costs. 

Are services open to undocumented folks?
Yes. If they do not have insurance, CDSDP can offer a sliding scale or payment plans. CDSDP can also connect them to MISP (Medically Indigent Services Program) to cover emergency medical needs. 

Are appointments and walk-ins accepted?
Walk-ins are welcomed. You could make same-day appointments starting at 7 am to ensure a spot. There is a 2-3 week period to see a therapist, but the time can lessen if appointments are cancelled. 

Is transportation provided to patients in need? If yes, is it free?
Yes, transportation can be provided free of cost. Patients need to call days in advance before the day of their appointment for arrangement. Some insurance providers will also provide transportation services. IEHP and Medi-Cal covers transportation and will provide it if arranged ahead of time. 

How are operations managed with COVID?
All of the therapy and psychiatry sessions are over the phone.

Are students welcomed to volunteer or intern?
Yes, there is a process. Some are not as flexible because of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Contact the supervisor or HR if interested.

Oasis' Coachella Center

Oasis’ Coachella Center provides children (from birth to age 21) and their families access to behavioral health services that encourage healthy emotional development. Support is also provided to parents and caregivers facing parental challenges. Our team approach to treatment is based on establishing relationships with families, foster families, and others involved in the child’s life. Care is provided by dedicated staff, such as licensed psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, and therapists. Services are available to those who live in the Eastern Coachella Valley, including Indio, Thermal, Mecca, North Shore, and neighboring communities. 

Oasis Community Services
49211 Grapefruit Blvd Suite 5 & 6
Coachella, CA 92236

Phone: 760-541-8520 
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am-5 pm
Website: www.starsinc.com/riverside-county/oasis-coachella-center 

Mental Health Services Offered

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy and Family counseling
  • Case management
  • Rehabilitative/Skill building services
  • Medication management and support


Are appointments and walk-ins accepted?
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, services are by appointment only. Call to receive services.

Are services offered in Spanish or another language?
Services are offered in Spanish and English.

How are operations managed with COVID?
Services are now provided by appointment only. Services are also provided through telehealth and phone for safety. Call to inquire about services.

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Riverside Latino Commission

The mission of the Riverside County Latino Commission is to provide programs and services for those in our community facing problems of substance abuse and/or mental health. 

The counseling center is staffed by licensed clinicians and professional therapists, almost all of whom are bi-lingual. The commission provides mental health services to the largely Hispanic community in the Coachella Valley. These services include individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. The Latino Commission also provides therapy to couples and families who experience problems involving personal conflicts, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, anger and other emotional and psychological issues.

Riverside Latino Commission Counseling Center
1612 First Street
Coachella, CA 92236

Phone: 760-398-9000
E-mail: info@latinocommission.com  
Website: www.latinocommission.com 

Mental Health Services Offered:

  • Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Relationship Issues
  • Grief or Loss
  • Chronic Illness
  • Mood Disorders
  • Aids/HIV
  • Trauma
  • Communication problems
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Domestic Issues
  • Addictive Behaviors
  • Psychiatric Services


Are appointments and walk-ins accepted?
There is a waiting list. Contact the administration office for assessment and consultation. Waiting time varies from 15 to 30 days. 

Are services offered in Spanish or another language?
Services are offered in Spanish and English. Most staff are bilingual.

Do I need insurance for services? What is the cost?
Insurances accepted include IEHP, Medi-Cal, and P.P.O. Plans and assistance on a sliding scale for low-income families is also available.

Riverside University Health System Behavioral Health

The professional team at RUHS Behavioral Health includes psychiatrists, clinicians, peer specialists, and paraprofessionals. The Behavioral Health department has three major programs: Mental Health Services, Substance Use Services, and the Public Guardian’s Office. Services are targeted primarily for recipients of Medi-Cal.

Riverside University Health System
Various locations in Indio

Phone: 1-800-706-7500
Website: www.rcdmh.org 

Mental Health Services Offered 

  • Mental Health Program: Provides treatment and support services to transition-age youth, adults, and older adults who have a mental illness and children who are seriously emotionally disturbed. 
  • Substance Use Program: Provides high-quality substance abuse treatment for all ages through a wide range of countywide clinics.
  • Some clients will qualify for the Full-Service Partnership (FSP) approach. This provides intensive wellness and recovery-based services for previously un-served or underserved individuals who carry a serious mental health diagnosis and who are also homeless, at risk of homelessness, and/or have experienced numerous psychiatric hospitalizations or incarcerations related to their mental health disorder. 


Do I need insurance for services? What is the cost?
Applicants are screened to receive services free of cost. Services can be covered through Medi-Cal.

Are services open to undocumented folks?
Primarily serve Medi-Cal; everyone screened and referred to insurance options

Are appointments and walk-ins accepted?
Walk-ins are welcomed. Appointments are also available but the length of appointments rises and changes. Clients are prioritized based on the need. RUHS does phone screenings for appointments.

Are services offered in Spanish or other languages?
Yes. Most of the RUHS staff is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Is transportation provided to clients? If yes, is it free?
Some medical insurance providers will give transportation. Medi-Cal and IEHP recipients can request transportation to appointments days ahead of time. 

What can someone expect from a therapy session?
This varies for clients. Each client receives a different approach depending on age (play therapy, art therapy, etc.). The first session is about getting to know the client and can take 30-45 min or 1 hr for the FPS approach.

How are operations managed with COVID?
Services are offered by phone. RUHS checks in with clients through options that include having in-person services, doing a screening, and following social distancing.

Are students welcomed to volunteer or intern?
Yes. RUHS accepts interns and volunteers throughout the year. There is a program for students at the graduate level. People that volunteer their time are given different assignments in the clerical field, transportation, co-facilitating, and peer-to-peer services. There is no need for a medical background as long as the individual has a motive to work.

SafeHouse of the Desert

SafeHouse of the Desert is a non-profit helping teens in crisis in the Coachella Valley. Staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for teens and their families. SafeHouse is a shelter of 20 beds equipped to handle runaway, homeless, and other youth in crisis ages 11-17. Some of the services include individual, group, and family counseling, on-site education, substance abuse education, art skills lab, and aftercare. SafeHouse also helps support victims and survivors of Human Trafficking. Services in a transitional living program are also available for young adults ages 18-22 that qualify.

SafeHouse of the Desert
72710 East Lynn Street
Thousand Palms, California 92274

Phone: (888) 343-4660
Office Hours: M-Su 24 hours/day
Website: www.safehouseofthedesert.com 

Mental Health Services Offered: 

Cup of Happy and Depression Treatment for youth ages 14-25 to destigmatize mental health: The program focuses on providing healthy lifestyles and emotional wellness through a number of different programs that include creative writing courses, open mic nights, youth leadership classes, and LGBTQ support groups. 

Emergency shelter open 24/7 for youth ages 11-17 in the Coachella Valley: Youth stay three weeks in the shelter (sometimes time is extended) with meals, counseling, attempts at family reunification, on-site education program, aftercare, and a 24-hour-toll-free crisis line 

Harrison House Transitional Living Program houses 18-22-year-olds who are homeless. If interested, the individual has to call and set up an interview. If accepted, they can stay 18 months in Harrison House for assistance in transitioning to independent and self-sufficient adults.

    • Weekly individual counseling sessions
    • Life-skills training on budgeting, consumer education, credit scores, cooking, job skills, etc.
    • Medical health assistance
    • Secondary education and post-secondary education/vocational training assistance
    • Obtaining employment preparation in interview skills and resume building
    • Aftercare with tenant once they’ve transitioned into permanent housing 

Free sessions with therapists and counselors when youth walk-in to SafeHouse. Youth don’t need to stay in the shelter to receive a therapy session.

SafeHouse is co-chair of the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking task force ensuring comprehensive care to all trafficking victims: minors and adults, domestic and foreign nationals. Services provided to victims include shelter and housing, food, clothing, medical, dental, mental health, interpreter services, immigration and civil legal services, victim advocacy, literacy, education, job training, and life skills training.

What’s up SafeHouse Mobile App is downloadable to all phones and provides anonymous text communication 7 am-11 pm with a licensed mental health professional. Young people who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, depression, difficult family situations, bullying, and other issues can receive help while maintaining anonymity.  Youth and parents are also encouraged to text about their friend/child they feel may be struggling or are in danger.


    Do I need insurance for services? What is the cost?
    Services at SafeHouse are free. This is possible through generous donations from public and private sources.

    Are services open to undocumented folks?

    Are appointments and walk-ins accepted?
    Walk-ins are welcomed. Appointments are not needed. Youth are welcomed to show up at any time of day or night. 

    Is there a limit to how many youth are accepted into the emergency shelter?
    Before COVID, 17 youth could be in the shelter, but due to COVID, there are only 6 youth allowed.

    Are services offered in Spanish or other languages?
    Yes, there are Spanish-speaking counselors on site. One staff member speaks German.

    Is transportation provided to youth in need? If yes, is it free?
    Yes, transportation is available and is free. Youth may ask SunLine bus drivers to take them to SafeHouse and the driver will take them. There are also designated “Safe Place” signs in various locations throughout the Coachella Valley. Youth may ask to be taken to SafeHouse at these “Safe Place” locations for free. Some “Safe Place” locations include the Coachella Library, the McDonald’s in Coachella on Avenue 48 and the McDonald’s on Harrison Street, the Mecca Family Center, and the Starbucks on 66th Avenue in Mecca. For a full list of “Safe Places,” visit the website www.safehouseofthedesert.com/safe-place.  

    Can someone receive services without their parents or family members knowing?
    SafeHouse always has to call the parents or guardians to notify them of the youth being at the shelter. No one can just walk into SafeHouse because they have to be let in. SafeHouse will notify CPS (Child Protective Services) if a youth has experienced sexual abuse.

    What can someone expect from a counseling session?
    When youth are in counseling, the sessions are confidential. Youth really like the counseling sessions. When youth leave, they leave happy and are welcomed to come back. 

    How are operations managed with COVID?
    Staff will do a screening before youth come into SafeHouse. After the screening, youth are asked to wear a mask for up to three days and get their temperature taken every day. For the Cup of Happy program, everything is virtual. 

    Are students welcomed to volunteer or intern?
    Potential volunteers would have to be out of school because youth at the shelter don’t want their friends to know they are there. Twenty to twenty-one-year-olds are welcomed to volunteer. Volunteers are especially needed for the “Stuff the Bus” event with the sheriff’s department that takes place in November.

    Illustrations created by YO-C members Mariajose López, Miguel Gonzalez, Jaqueline Enriquez, and Guadalupe Vargas.

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