Silvia Paz


Youth Organizing Fellow

Evelia Cabrera, a first-generation Chicana and youngest of five, graduated from Coachella Valley High School in 2020. Evelia currently attends California State University where she hopes to obtain her degree in business administration with a concentration in management and a minor in finance. Evelia’s passion is to give back to her community and bring young people resources for mental health, education opportunities, and policy-making, among others. Evelia loves to connect and work with youth while organizing and advocating for change, which led to a perfect fit at Alianza.

Evelia was part of the YO-C program in high school and is now an Alianza fellow working on a new project to support youth around the Inland Empire to play a role in issues around workforce, economic development, leadership, education, and policy-making decisions. As Evelia supports Alianza’s campaigns, she feels her experience and knowledge keep growing. When Evelia isn’t working, she likes going on walks at night and going to the gym, and she is a major fan of the famous show The Office