Silvia Paz


Project Manager

Aydee Palomino, born in East LA, is a resident of La Quinta. Aydee graduated from La Quinta High School and went on to study at the W. A. Franke School of Business at Northern Arizona University where she got her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Aydee is passionate about the environment. She hopes that the work she contributes at Alianza will use education and systems change to lessen the load often put on disadvantaged communities and animal and plant life. Aydee enjoys connecting with different people from the community, other organizations, academic institutions, and government entities that have a stake in tackling the climate crisis and, more specifically, its effects on the Salton Sea. She draws inspiration from the community and her peers.

Aydee previously worked in the private sector. She started in hospitality marketing and sales and then went into business administration at Lamar Advertising Company. However, her vision was to always work for the community and elevate voices in spaces where they weren’t before. Outside of work, Aydee enjoys hiking, going to a good restaurant, concerts, and a good drink. Her perfect day would be going to the beach with some wine and listening to a good playlist of songs or enjoying a book (if by herself). She is always up for watching a good documentary or comedy series, and from time to time can be found randomly dancing.